Tim Hortons Finder

Available on the Android Market

Find the nearest Tim Hortons location right on your Android and pick up that double-double, and avoid driving around to find that Timmy around the corner, especially in those frigid winters. Make use of this free app and save time!

The application uses Android's GPS to locate multiple Tim Hortons nearest to your position then displays them either on a map, or a list sorted by distance nearest to your current position. You can get directions to the location you would like to go. Want to know how the area looks like before you actually arrive there? Checkout the StreetView provided with each location.
If you are in a hurry, just shake the app and it will find you the nearest location to your current position, no need ot touch any icon, or search for the nearest store.

The app can work in offline mode (data connection is not required), so the nearest location can be found without using your data plan (However offline mode does not support driving directions and google maps).

You can also share the nearest location with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or whatever share application you installed on your Android

For more details search for "Tim Hortons Finder" on the Android Market, or click here with your Android.

Tim Hortons Finder on the Android