Our Clients

Connexinet worked on the development of many projects for the following clients, to name a few:

Rent Compass Inc

Toronto Apartments for Rent

Rent Compass is Canada's first apartment and house rental listing service on mobile devices. The website also uses a state of the art Web2.0 interface for search and listing rentals that earned the service numerous media coverage on TV and popular blogs. Rent Compass is packed with features like Google Maps mashup, StreetView and easy Ajax interface where everything is designed to function with as little clicks as possible. Rent Compass is available on the iPhone, Android, iPod Touch and iPad.

Claron Technology Inc, Toronto


HMI Web is the world's leading Picture Archiving and Communication System. The development involved creating a web based solution of HMI legacy modules. Using cutting edge technologies like WPF, WCF web services the application delivers a powerful webified version of the legendary PACS workstation app.


Nil is an advanced AJAX image viewer. This viewer is revolutionary such that it displays a relatively high frame rate within a browser using AJAX and HTML 4. The system is designed with a super charged image transfer techniques to enhance the user experience. The system also introduces a revolutionary collaboration features that allows radiologists and referring physicians to collaborate in real-time all within the browser. Nil's interface is also optimized for mobile touch devices, the application's UI changes look and feel to provide a more usable touch interface depending on the device dimensions. This proved very critical in today's iPad spread in medical institutions. Today, Nil powers many world leading PACS applications and medical workstations such as the Philips Intellispace collaboration.

LungPoint VBN

LungPoint Virtual Bronchoscopic Navigation is a navigation software to assist in bronchoscopic navigation. This software has the potential to save many lives and make bronchoscopy procedures more efficient and streamlined. Connexinet worked on developing a modern user interface for LungPoint VBN.

OIS Symphony Web

OIS Symphony Web is the world's leading web based Ophthalmic imaging software. OIS is the industry leading ophthalmic imaging software producer. Connexinet worked on transforming their imaging solution from a desktop application into a client server solution that delivers the content over the web. With a modern interface and a state of the art client server interaction, the solution is truly an unmatched 2D viewing user experience.

Nielsen, Markham

Answers Web

Answers Web: Nielsen's Answers is one the leading market analysis portals. Connexinet was involved in the development of the Answers Web platform analysis engine, from building OLAP cubes to displaying complex results on HTML reports or chart, Answers Web was made a state of the art system that won Gartner's praise of the overall solution.

Bell Canada, Toronto

Bell Telematic

Bell Telematic, the leading Telematics solution in Canada is more than just a GPS. It allows total control over fleet management and dispatch. The solution also communicates with the vehicle's embedded computer via OBDII and communicates this data back to the server for further analysis and diagnosis. Connexinet was involved in the development of the different phases of Bell's Telematics solution, in addition to expanding the solution beyond vehicles to include power generators, delivery trailer tracking and RFID tracking of shipments.

ii3, Toronto


AdvanceKnowledge is a next generation knowledge management system, it was developed from the grounds up as a taxonomy based knowledge management solution with advanced search functions. Connexinet was involved in the development of AdvanceKnowledge and the successful deployment of first client installation of the system to one of Canada's leading law firms