Every project needs to be planned before work is undertaken. Figuring out the required budget is an important factor in the success of every project.

By estimating the budget, you can decide whether this project has a good return of investment or not. It also helps decide whether you want to scale up or slim down certain features to fit what you have anticipated.

Along with budget estimations, Connexinet can help you put a timeline for the implementation of this project. This way, you can understand how long do you have to wait before you get the solution ready to use.

Most software projects are either under budgeted or delivered behind schedules, while this might not seem very important at first, it may cause projects to fail due to the fact that your competition has implemented the same ideas, or losing the focus for the project.

At Connexinet, we have experience managing different types of projects, from web based to shrink rapped, with budgest ranging from few thousands to multi-million dollar projects.