The software industry has grown quite a bit over the last decade that thousands of people decided to take programming as a profession. However, as much as architecture is an art, programming is also an art. It takes a great programmer to implement a great design. Thatís why, our implementations are close to perfect, resulting in as little bugs as possible, with high maintainability and scalability. Our objective is to keep our clients happy so they refer new clients to us instead of draining the clients with solution that will need years of high maintenance. 

At Connexinet, we specialize in different Microsoft technologies. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Android, Windows Mobile and WinCE development.
  • Microsoft Azure, AWS
  • Twitter API, Facebook API
  • Microsoft .Net platform, C#, C++.Net, WCF, WPF, and ASP.Net.
  • Web2.0, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, XML, .Net services.
  • Visual Studio.Net, Visual C++, Embedded VC++, MFC, windows API.
  • COM/DCOM/COM+, and MTS.
  • ADO, OLEDB and ODBC.
  • SQL Server, Access. OpenGL and DirectX.
  • Embedded solutions, smartphone development, Telecommunications and wireless devices.
  • Engines development using Hummingbird Search Server.
  • Single and multi-processor application; multi-process and different threading models.
  • Medical Imaging and visualization, 3D, 2D, and client server imaging solutions.